Faster, more accurate and consistent results in order to optimize the maintenance of the road network in terms of speed and cost savings are obtained by automating the processes and mechanisms of defect detection and warning. The service offered by Sotavia adds value in the field of urban pavement maintenance.

The main benefits of Sotavia’s automatic system are:

  • Faster detection. The service allows monitoring more than 200,000 square meters of asphalt per day and per defect detection device unit (several units can be used simultaneously to speed up the process).
  • Lower cost.
  • Detection of small defects and cracks allowing for action before they become most dangerous defects.
  • Obtaining a three-dimensional defect profile with millimetre precision
  • The processing system lets you choose detection parameters, which may be the same throughout the scan (same criterion).
  • From the images captured by the defect detection device (located in a vehicle traveling at normal speed) it is detected, characterized and the defect is reported.
  • Fast and automated process with high reliability.
  • To have a complete and updated map of the state of asphalt can prioritize and optimize maintenance work and save time and money.
  • It allows a paradigm shift towards maintenance management processes to ensure the quality of asphalt.
  • Pay per scanned surface.


The evolution of observation-based processes to other automated is part of the emerging concept of Smart Cities. Such services allow the administration to better manage resources and improve the quality of life of citizens.